Gufo only works on Linux system.

This is a project written in OCaml,

The project is in early stage, please be benevolent with the installation (and with the rest).

With opam

A first official release is ready, it can be installable though opam:

opam install gufo

From source

You can get the sources from

You should have a recent ocaml (4.05.0 or higher).

You should have to following dependancies installed:

  • camomile,
  • react,
  • lwt,
  • zed,
  • lambda-term,
  • str,
  • unix,
  • sedlex,
  • menhir,
  • menhirLib

Then it might be possible to build the project:


It will create an executable guforun.native wich you can run to launch gufo. You can then create a gufo executable known to your system by copying it into a path directory, such as:

cp ./guforun.native /usr/bin/gufo