Code examples

Here are some Gufo code that is already working in the current experimental version: this gives an idea of the possibilities.

Sadly, I am not able to show code coloration here…

The factorial function

let $factoriel $c = if ($c != 1) then ($factoriel ($c - 1)) * $c else 1

Comment: While it looks quite simple, it shows well that Gufo can handle recursive function. Performance regarding recursive function are quite good (better than in python).

The call-ssh function

let $ssh $user $arg = ssh ($user + "@" + $addr)

Comment: Again, this is quite simple but it lets run an interactive command within a function easily. What is returned by the function is a “command result” type which both contain the result code of the command (the returned integer) and for a non-interactive command, the string printed by the command (until a limit of size).

The rename files function

let $replace $from $to =  
  let $allfiles = ls -1 in(
      (fun $afile -> 
      let $newname = echo -n $afile | sed ("s/"+$from+"/"+$to+"/g") in(
          if ($newname.Cmd.print == $afile)
            then (echo ($afile + ": already ok"))
            else(mv $afile $newname.Cmd.print)
      ($String.asList $allfiles.Cmd.print)

Comment: Finally a full function: it gets the names of the files in theĀ current directory, iterate on them and if part of their names includes the string contained in $from, it replaces it by the string contained in $to.