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Financially helping the project is the only way to makes Gufo the real project you want to use every day.

Gufo is a libre software, available for every one, available with source code. The first phase was a large amount of work which I realize with passion, without being paid for this. The first phase allowed to see that this kind of language is possible. Now we want more than a proof of concept.

Your donations will help me to provide a friendly and robust software.

If you give more than 10€, you can appear (if you desire) on the thanks page of the website.

If you give more than 20€, I will send you (if you want) a current linux-executable version of Gufo which should word with a recent glib (2.2.*).

If you give more than 50€, you can ask your name to appears in the file of the project.

If your company wants to become official sponsor of the project, you can contact me.

You are donating to a free software project, I have enthusiasm and try to provide transparency but I do not provide any guaranty: this is an experimental project and depending of the amount of donation, I might have to prioritize on others projects.

Support Gufo!

Explain what you expect!

If you want your donation to support a specific functionality (documentation, bug-fix, console improvement, articles on languages..), feel free to send a mail in the contact form to express it. I will consider it.

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