Haha, no news since 2 years

You could think the project is dead.
But if you looked at the git, you would have seen that commit have never really stopped.
It is just that I understood there was still a lot of work under the hood, and I focused on it instead of communication.

The good point is now:
– There is an opam package:https://opam.ocaml.org/packages/gufo/
– There is some (still draft) documentation : https://gufo.pvittet.com/doc/

The project is still highly alpha, but can be tried.

Slowly but…

I have corrected one major issue of Gufo this morning! On some terminals, without explanation, backspace was writting a h character instead of deleting a character. This is now undertood and solved: https://github.com/diml/lambda-term/issues/57 .

I have not a lot of time right now but with the correction of this bug, we get closer to a first Gufo release.

gufo can cd

I have worked on the implementation of the cd command in gufo and it now works.

Until now, gufo was able to call “external unix command” but cd is not. In sh or bash, “cd” is an internal command from or (or bash). Now Gufo understands it as an internal command.

Of course, you can just, inside a console session run “cd /home” but you can also run it in more complex code such as this one:

let $inspect_src = 
    let $origin = pwd in(
    let $n = cd src in(
    let $r = ls -l in(
    let $n = cd $origin.Cmd.print in(

Of course, it would be easier do simply "ls src" but this is to demonstrate the ability to cd. For now everything should be done though variables declaration but that why we use $n while we don't need it, but this might change a bit in next version 🙂

Last improvments

There has been some quite interesting improvment on last times:

– We have now a prefix in the console (for now ” %”, the code of the console handling has been cleaned and the multiline edition works.

– I have added the wout operator to the code and a documentation page.

Soon I will work on providing installation instructions, so you could test the project.

Video and code exemples


today, I have put the video online: what a work for me to speak english, I hope you will understood and like my french accent.

I have also puts examples of Gufo functions: this gives an idea of what is possible.